All About Weddings

It has been a long time since you fell in love with a girl and have finally decided to marry her. Although this might seem to be a simple affair, it is not. You have to make many arrangements for the special day so that no problems occur, and the function goes off smoothly. Apart from selecting from one of the several wedding venues derry, you have to arrange for photographers, videographers, caterers, and disk jockeys.

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If this is not enough, you also have to get the wedding card printed and mail it to your relatives, friends, and colleagues. All of the abovementioned tasks are time-consuming and can prove to be a headache, mainly if both you and your wife-to-be are working full time. In such a scenario, your best option is to hire a wedding planner. Although this might inflate your budget slightly, it removes all the headaches associated with planning and organising a wedding smoothly.

What is a wedding?

A wedding is a special ceremony in which two people are united in marriage. The rituals of this ceremony differ from one religion to the other. It can be a simple affair like visiting the office of the registrar and getting your marriage registered to posh ones like hosting the special event in a different country. The budget for the ceremony too inflates a lot if you plan to go for a thematic wedding.

What needs to be planned for a wedding?

Apart from the factors mentioned above, the couple has to select their dresses, shop around for return gifts to preset to the guests, as well as select suitable wedding rings. The dresses and the rings play an important part as your wedding day represents one of the most important days of your life. You need to choose a suitable venue, whose size is large enough to accommodate all the invitees comfortably. It should be situated close to the railway station or the airport if you are expecting lots of guests from different parts of the country and from overseas. Instead of wasting time visiting various wedding venues Derry, hand over the job to a professional. You can use the time saved for other chores.

Why is a wedding cake important?

The wedding cake is served at the wedding reception after dinner. In certain parts of the United Kingdom, this cake is served at a time after the ceremony on the same day. According to tradition, these cakes are supposed to bring good luck to those who eat them.

Who plans a wedding?

A professional event manager is the best person to approach for planning your wedding. He will take care of all of the tasks associated with the marriage and see to it that the whole event runs smoothly. You can entrust them with arranging the videographer, photographer, DJ, and much more including finding a suitable venue.

What types of weddings are there?

There are several types of weddings including:

- Interfaith ceremonies

- Religious ceremonies

- Same-sex weddings

- The humanist ritual, and

- Civil ceremonies